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How big is your spoon?

As I was praying this morning, I was praying for people I know. People who have a need. I began to pray the 23rd Psalm. When I got to the verse 5, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies” I was reminded of a story I once heard. Let me paint you a word picture of that banqueting table.

In this picture I saw two great halls, the one on the left was full of people seated at a table laid with all sorts of food. The table was full of roasts, hams, leg of lamb, fruits of all kinds, vegetables to numerous to count. The riot of color was a joy to the eyes but the people at the table were different. They had a big spoon attached to their arms. They could reach any and all of the food with their spoons but it was way to long for it to be brought back up to their mouths. These people were skinny and gaunt. Their eyes were sunken into their heads, their bones stood out from their skin. They were a sorry site to behold.

In the second great hall, the one on the right, was full of people as well. They were seated around a banqueting table that was laid with all manner of food, vegetables and fruit as was the first. Again, the food was abundant to overflowing. The people who sat around this table also had a large spoon attached to their arms. As I watched, all of these people at the second table were healthy, fat and flourishing. Their skin was glowing, their eyes clear, they were laughing and happy.

As I watched this second scene the Lord spoke to my heart. “What is the difference between these two banqueting halls and the people in them.” “Lord, I don’t know.” I was puzzled by the scene I was looking at. The Lord said to me, “the people in the first hall are starving because they only try to feed themselves.” My eyes widened and my understanding began to grow. Then the Lord said, ” the people in the second room have learned to pick up food in their spoon and feed the one next to him or the one across the table” He said, “they share what they are given.”

Oh, that I may be wise enough to feed others, to share what I have been given. Feed them of wisdom, love, gratitude, appreciation, carefulness, understanding, and more. May my spoon always be full of His Word to share and to share willingly. I want my spoon to be big enough and full enough to be overflowing to feed who ever comes to my table. My prayer is for the Lord to grant me wisdom to know who needs what from my table. In Luke 14:13-23 we read the Parable of the Great Banquet. May I learn what the Lord wants me to learn and share.

More later.

Don’t you dare touch my feet!

This morning my friend, Bill Schiedler wrote about Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. (John 13:1-15) As I was reading what Bill had shared I was reminded about several things from the past. I’d like to share these with you, what happened and what I learned, the hard way.

As Jesus washed the feet of his disciples he said we were to see this as an example and to do the same. I know there is a deeper meaning than just to take a basin of water and wash the dust off another’s feet.

When Howdy and I were in Hawaii, we attended Grace Bible Church. The pastor at that time taught on the “washing of feet.” One Sunday evening he announced a “foot washing service.” The men stayed in the sanctuary and the women went into the prayer room. Basins of water were brought in and we sat in a circle. Now I must tell you that at that time I was in nursing school at Kapiolani Community College. So it was easy for me to wash the feet of the other women. We were instructed to pray for that woman as we washed and dried her feet. I just wanted to be on the floor washing the feet of the other ladies. The pastor’s wife came over to me and said she wanted to wash my feet. I protested, “no, let me wash your feet.” In my mind I was saying, “don’t you dare touch my feet.” That moment she said to me that pride, yes, pride was keeping me from receiving. Well, that hit me like a ton of bricks. She was so right, my pride was saying, “oh, no, you don’t touch me, I’m not needing this.” As a nurse I could wash feet and more but I didn’t want anyone coming near my feet.

Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” As I sat in that chair with the pastor’s wife on her knees before me something happened in my heart. I was so greatly humbled. Big crocodile tears flowed from both my eyes and hers. There was a birthing of sisterhood between her and me that day.

Another time, years later, I was at a Bible Temple Elders wives retreat. The senior pastor’s wife, Edie Iverson announced that we were going to have a “foot washing.” Oh, no, here I go again. I wanted to run, I wanted to be excused and go to my room or just take a long walk off a short pier. At that moment in my ear I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Pride, Pride, Pride.” Oh, Lord help me. When the Lord says something to me three times, well I’d better listen. From the depth of my heart I was so ashamed of what I had felt and thought.

Pride is such an ugly thing, it thinks it is better than others. Pride thinks it is privileged over others, pride is always right and knows more. Pride wants it’s own way. The ladies took turns washing the feet of other and receiving the ministry and prayers as their feet were being washed. I sat there as my feet were washed and I was being prayed over by several ladies. Again, a great humility overwhelmed me. The pride melted away and I was so blessed as I received from others.

We don’t do this often, in fact a “foot washing service” is hardly done today. We do water baptism often and the taking of communion on a regular basis. Some think it can get to be familiar if we do these to often but foot washing and being humbled before man, well, think about it.

Many lessons were learned by me that day and the Lord has reminded me of them today. Bill was used to remind me that I not only should be a servant to minister to others but to let others minister as well. By allowing others to pray over me, I was able to encourage them in their ministry.

Pride, yes stinking pride, keeps us from receiving blessings from others.
Today, I thank you, my friend Bill Schiedler for being used of God to minister to others.

More later.

Out of my heart and mouth.

As I woke up this morning my mind was ringing with, “Out of your heart, your mouth speaks.” It kept ringing and singing in my mind. I said, “what is out of my heart and mouth?” No answer, so when there is no answer I go to the Word of God, the Bible.
Looking in the concordance I found so many scriptures on the ‘mouth’, the ‘heart’, ‘speaking’ and more.

Matthew 12:34 “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” vs 35 “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.”

Matthew 15:18 “But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart.”

Rolling over and over in my mind is the thought that I want to be a person who speaks faith. I want to speak a positive word to the one who needs that word. I want the Lord to be able to count on me to speak a good word in season and out of season. To me that means when a friend needs to hear something good, I will be able to give that positive word. A pure word not just a candy coated word that tickles the ear but a word based on the Word of God.
It is so important to always have that good word in your heart. It is what you feed on. If you feed on strawberries and peaches you will speak sweetly. If you feed on sour grapes and stink weed, you will spew the same.

Philippians 4:8 tells us, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”

So the old sayings of “what goes in comes out” or “garbage in, garbage out” is so true. What ever we put in our hearts and minds will come out eventually. Let us hope that it is the good not the bad and the ugly.
I guess the bottom line is to walk in forgiveness and keep the Word of God hidden in your heart.

More later.

Music does soothe.

I’ve been sitting here listening to the most wonderful music. It has ministered to my soul. I started out with the Mama’s and the Papa’s singing “Monday, Monday” then “California Dreaming.” I’ve moved on to “Scheherazade” by Rimsky-Korsakov. Next was George Gershwin and “Rhapsody in Blue” followed by Ferde Grofe’s “Grand Canyon Suite.”
I love listening to the worship music of Bill and Gloria Gaither. They have written so many wonderful worship songs, songs that lift your spirit. One can lay on the couch all day and just listen to music. All types of music, but there are some that minister more than others. I guess my age is showing, I don’t like “rap.”
When I was growing up first thing in the morning the radio went on and it was “hillbilly” music. I heard “Grandpa Jones and the Clinch Mountain Clan” and it was just 5 am. As soon as my father left for work, my mother would change the radio station and we listened for the rest of the day to “Montavoni” and light symphony music.
Of course on Saturday’s we listened to the regular programs of “Let’s pretend”, “The Shadow” and “The Green Hornet” and more. I’ve never developed a taste for the hillbilly, blue grass or country western. My teen years brought Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and more.
So many books have been written on music. The Bible is full of music, I love the Psalms and what David wrote. Psalm 96:1 “Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth.” Oh, there are so many to share but I’ll let you check them out for yourself.
The Lord God made us in his likeness. He must have loved music, He made me and I love music. Much has been written about how music can minister healing, restore relationships, bring forgiveness and join two hearts. Music has the power to bring joy, to bring tears, to bring every emotion in our hearts.
Today, I am rejoicing in music, I’m relaxing in music, I’m letting it restore my soul. Oh, yes, I am enjoying music at this very moment. It is “Belero” by Maurice Ravel.
On the fourth of July I love to hear the “1812 Overture” with cannons blasting. There are so many highs and lows but I choose the highs.
Go turn on your radio, or turn on the CD’s and listen to some good music, let it minister to your soul.

More later.

He leads Us, all of Us!

Last night I had trouble sleeping. A hymn kept going through my head. As I lay there I was singing, in my head, “He Leadeth me, He Leadeth me, By His own hands He leadeth me, a faithful follower I would be for by His hand He leadeth me.

Proverbs 16:9 says “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

I kept thinking of the decision we made, as a family, to come to the Pacific Northwest. Looking back I can see clearly the hand of God leading us.
In the spring of 1975 we knew that Howdy would be retiring from the United States Marine Corps after 22 years of service. We had several choices to make as to where we would move next and settle down. Howdy had talked to John and Ann Gimenez of Rock Church in Norfolk, Virginia and they wanted us to settle there. We knew that Joe Roe wanted us down in Gulfport, Mississippi. Then there was Hawaii. We were very involved with Grace Bible Church on Oahu. We had even bought a house in Kaneohe, Hawaii. We could also stay in the Quantico area and live near Manassas, Virginia. We were attending Community Baptist Church and the pastor Aubry Sanders wanted us to stay and help him. Once while visiting Howdy’s parents in Triadelphia, West Virginia, we attended their church, Roney’s Point Presbyterian Church. Howdy was asked by one of the members if he might come back there and lead them. It was not an official letter of intent but a friendly, “Howdy, I’ve heard you preach and we need you here.” Then way out in left field was Portland, Oregon.

We sat at that dining room table all 5 of us, Howdy, our three sons, Tus, Mark, Chris and me. Howdy had his yellow legal pad with all of our choices written in columns. He went over the different choices we had. All three of our sons shared how they did not want to go back to Hawaii, to many problems with the schools, not back to Virginia Beach, been there, did that. Not Mississippi, to many bugs and to hot. Not here near Quantico. Then they all said,” Portland, Oregon, why don’t we go there.” We had never been to Portland let alone the Pacific Northwest. We had met Dick Iverson of Bible Temple when he was in Hawaii. We knew they had Portland Bible College and Howdy could go on the G.I. Bill.
So Portland it would be. I wrote to Sylva “Mom” Iverson and asked for a catalog to the college. In a few short days we received the catalog with all the paperwork that was needed for his enrollment. As Howdy read the PBC catalog he began to weep, it was then that I knew it was the Lord and we had made the right choice. The registrar had begun the process for all to go smoothly. The rest is history.

Psalms 37:23 says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delights in his way.”

I think back as to how the Lord has ordered our steps, how He has led us all the way. Howdy and I both came from West Virginia. He had entered the Marines, did duty overseas in Okinawa and Japan. We married, had our sons and now we were embarking on a new adventure. Off to a new city, new state, new church, new friends and new schooling.
The Lord had and still does order our steps. I don’t like to think of what my life would be like if we had gone to another place. No, this was the place the Lord meant for us to be. I am so happy and at peace knowing that my life and times are directed by the Lord.

Psalm 32:7 “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”
More later…

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