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Music does soothe.

I’ve been sitting here listening to the most wonderful music. It has ministered to my soul. I started out with the Mama’s and the Papa’s singing “Monday, Monday” then “California Dreaming.” I’ve moved on to “Scheherazade” by Rimsky-Korsakov. Next was George Gershwin and “Rhapsody in Blue” followed by Ferde Grofe’s “Grand Canyon Suite.”
I love listening to the worship music of Bill and Gloria Gaither. They have written so many wonderful worship songs, songs that lift your spirit. One can lay on the couch all day and just listen to music. All types of music, but there are some that minister more than others. I guess my age is showing, I don’t like “rap.”
When I was growing up first thing in the morning the radio went on and it was “hillbilly” music. I heard “Grandpa Jones and the Clinch Mountain Clan” and it was just 5 am. As soon as my father left for work, my mother would change the radio station and we listened for the rest of the day to “Montavoni” and light symphony music.
Of course on Saturday’s we listened to the regular programs of “Let’s pretend”, “The Shadow” and “The Green Hornet” and more. I’ve never developed a taste for the hillbilly, blue grass or country western. My teen years brought Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and more.
So many books have been written on music. The Bible is full of music, I love the Psalms and what David wrote. Psalm 96:1 “Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth.” Oh, there are so many to share but I’ll let you check them out for yourself.
The Lord God made us in his likeness. He must have loved music, He made me and I love music. Much has been written about how music can minister healing, restore relationships, bring forgiveness and join two hearts. Music has the power to bring joy, to bring tears, to bring every emotion in our hearts.
Today, I am rejoicing in music, I’m relaxing in music, I’m letting it restore my soul. Oh, yes, I am enjoying music at this very moment. It is “Belero” by Maurice Ravel.
On the fourth of July I love to hear the “1812 Overture” with cannons blasting. There are so many highs and lows but I choose the highs.
Go turn on your radio, or turn on the CD’s and listen to some good music, let it minister to your soul.

More later.

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  1. Hi Georgia, I loved your comments about music. My father taught me all about every kind of music that he loved. When my aunt and uncle would come to visit they always played popular music Xavier Cugat, Les Paul and Mary Ford. When we were together on Saturdays sometimes he would listen to the Met and I would listen for a short time and then go read a book or play outside. Then he got into Stereo and bought a very good one and then we listen to percussion and organ music and so many different types he gave me a love of music. He played the piano by ear but could read music. Anyway I know what you are saying. I did sing in the church choir many years as a young girl.

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