God given plant apparently heals and is seemingly a cure!

FOR RELEASE on July 4, 2024


Vancouver, Washington. Christopher Byron has rediscovered that RSO secret sauce use can apparently heal a Myco-Bacterium-Chelone skin infection and may reduce cancer risk elsewhere.  Please pardon the Authors expression of frustration, impatience and anger from the “AMA industrial complex” and others…

Mrs. Georgia Pennington-Sligar, 84 years, a retired School Nurse and LPN graduate from Kapiolani Community College, experienced an infection on her left hand index finger and had to endure an 18 month AMA medical journey, then a rediscovered healing after only 5 months with RSO secret sauce.

After 3 rounds of antibiotics, including exotic compounds administered via an intravenous PIC line, and 2 surgeries to remove the manifestations had failed, that DrGiveUp gave up and deferred all treatment to DrCutOff whom recommended amputation, AMPUTATION!?!

At this point “NurseFeelBetter” knew better and began a nightly RSO secret sauce treatment, applying it topically and covering it with a bandage. This was done only at night because the RSO secret sauce will make you sleepy.  Ms. Georgia tolerated the treatment of 9 grams RSO applied topically over 5 months and the infection was gone, an apparent healing and seemingly a cure.

RSO, a grain alcohol extract of the flowers of the Cannabis plant. Made famous by Rick Simpson and his Oil to seemingly cure his own cancer, then evangelize his discovery and survive persecutions of various types while spreading the good word.

And it is Biblical, in Genesis 1 verse 29 God tells us “I give you every seed bearing plant”. Including the Opium plant, which we’ve learned must be controlled, but imagine Dental pain without Norco. It is really no coincidence that most medicines came from plants.

There is no better place to be during a medical emergency then an American ER and God Bless our First Responders. Those medical cannabis patients rejoice and public consumers in states where cannabis is taxed applauds the Drug Enforcement Agency for rescheduling Cannabis lower than Heroin and acknowledging that Cannabis has medical value.

Contact Information:

Christopher Byron, Chris@JustaNerd.com, aka NurseFeelBetter(c) a layman and researcher.

Mar 22, 2021

After 1st antibiotics

Mar 25, 2021

After 1st surgery

Aug 21, 2021

After 2nd surgery

Oct 30,2021

Exotic antibiotics

Dec 8, 2021

start RSO

Jan 22, 2022

RSO after 2 months

Jan 22, 2022

RSO after 2 years

A God given plant that apparently heals and is seemingly a cure.  More research should be coming now that the DEA has rescheduled Cannabis below Heroin and acknowledges its medical value.

Thank You Father God for all of your Creations !!!