In my minds eye,  I see a tapestry. It is a grand tapestry, one with a wonderful uplifting  scene. There is a high mountain,  a deep gorge, fantastic waterfalls, tall pines, a stream filled with crashing cold mountain water. The stream is descending to a small  meadow filled with soft spring flowers. On each side of the stream I see green grass, mossy covered rocks, some wild mountain flowers  and wait, what is that in the distance? Oh, I see it, it is a stag, a majestic, regal stag. His antlers are grand with many points. He is a grand old man standing in this flower strewn meadow. In the sky I see the most beautiful eagle. He is soaring to and fro cbd products prey below.

As I draw closer I begin to see small frayed spots. Again, I begin to see small holes in this beautiful tapestry. You see, this tapestry is a picture of my life. There is a  hole that are labeled unforgiving,  there is another one labeled lack of trust, yet another one is labeled pride. Oh so many holes. More holes than I would have thought. How did they get there, I thought I had taken care of all of them.

Only the Lord Jesus Christ can help me mend the holes in my life. I ask the Lord to help me to learn to forgive, to trust and get rid of pride. It is a daily battle. It seems to help if I read the Word more. Listening to worship music is another answer for me. Praying for those who have hurt me, praying for their success. Praying for humility, to be able to see others through the eyes of the Lord. Sort of through Jesus glasses. In the end I must give all of this over to the Lord, only then will I begin to mend the holes in my life. I can not do it on my own. I can not screw up my will or hold my mouth just right to make it alright. Only the Lord!

What does your tapestry look like today? Do you see frayed spots or true holes. What is the label on each hole? What do you need to do to repair your holes? I will be praying for you as you pray for me. We are able to learn from the past to help us in the future. In the future we see what the Lord wants us to do. To teach, to reach out to others, to learn and to share.

I for one want to mature into the woman that God wants me to be, not just live out my years doing what I want, but what I’m destined to accomplish.

Join me in making the repairs to the holes seen  in my life tapestry and your life  tapestry.